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Greece is fun, but walking isn’t…

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Today was full of history and exercise, but before that, I was struggling with allergies that made me want to not get out of bed this morning. It took almost all of my will power to get up and face the day that was ahead of me. That challenge was walking. Let me tell you that Greek people are some of the fittest people in the world, because they literally hike up mountains daily in order to reach their destination. Living in Kansas for about 5 years didn’t prepare me for this. I’m used to walking in a straight line, not at an incline. Nonetheless, we all got out of bed and prayed together that our journey would be memorable and for the glory of God.

Our first destination was the Parthanon in Acropolis. This was so amazing to see the ancient structures along with seeing the modern city below us. (Warning: If you choose to accept the challenge in climbing this mountain, be warned that you may die from dehydration, heat stroke, or from the slippery stones/marble that makes up the pathway. If you are really unlucky, you might die from all three.) After hiking down the mountain, we went to the museum that housed the statues and artifacts that were from the ancient times.

Our next stop was the Temple of Zeus. This one didn’t necessarily peak my interest as much as the history behind the architecture. Did you know that ancient Greeks thought that Zeus was the God that created heaven and earth? So, essentially, Zeus was known as the Father of man to the Greeks. This would make more sense if you understood or studied Greek mythology.

Our last hike was up towards Mars Hill. I was really excited about this one in particular, because this was the site that Paul spoke to the pagan people of Greece. Knowing this, I thought that Mars Hill would this Holy and Spiritual place, but it wasn’t. Mars Hill is probably the most disrespected landmark in Greece. There was graffiti everywhere and trash all along the top of the hill. I have never been more ticked off by the disrespect of others as I have at that moment. Luckily, Ken got to give us a little Bible lesson in regards to the significance of Mars Hill back in St. Peter’s day.

This was all the sight seeing we did today, but it felt like we were walking for hours!!! Overall, all the walking/hiking we did was worth getting to see all the sites and imagining what Greece would have looked like in Bible times.

On a side note, we got to see all this for free today!!! God is so good and so kind and so loving. He watched out for us all day today and kept us strong.

Elizabeth Herbel

One thought on “Greece is fun, but walking isn’t…

  1. I love those sites, and that’s great you got to go for free! Yes, the story of Paul in Acts 17 really comes alive when you realize that the Parthenon was RIGHT THERE, towering over the tiny Mars Hill, essentially serving as the visual aid and backdrop to his message that “the Lord of heaven and earth… does not live in temples built by hands!” (Acts 17:24)

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