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Boys will be boys


Today we spent the day at The Meeting Place, a refugee ministry of Samaritans Purse. This organization was a place where primarily Afghan refugees could come to drink tea, rest, and spend some time indoors. Our job was simply to be with them. Nick was downstairs talking with the men. Bekah, Liz and I spent lots of time with the kids. It was a blast! We drew pictures with them, tried to teach each other our languages, and we laughed a lot.   One of my favorite times in the morning was teaching some of the kids English and they taught me Farsi. Let me just say that they were able to repeat English way better than I could repeat Farsi!

When we returned from getting lunch, the center was already filled with several families. Bekah and Liz served the tea so I was on my own with the kids for a while. It was precious to walk back in the room and be greeted with huge smiles once some of the kids saw me sit down. There were definitely more people and kids in the room, and it was more chaotic than the morning, but we had fun. I was reminded that kids are kids no matter where they are from. Boys will always be boys! Several were very mischievous as they took the crayons and hid them or whispered and laughed, knowing we couldn’t hear them. We later found out that they were drawing pictures of each of us and found it quite hilarious. We played a continuous game of keep away throughout most of the afternoon.

One of my personal favorites in the afternoon was playing with one of the kids across from me. He started blowing a crayon on the table, which soon became us blowing it across the table to one another trying not to make it fall off the table.   His face lit up when he smiled. He would get so focused and into the game. It was so simple but so full of joy.

As I sat there with the kids, I started to think about how much instability is in their life right now. The younger ones probably have no idea, but I’m sure the ones that are a little older do. It was fun to have this afternoon to see them in a peaceful environment where the kids can be kids. Everyone has a story, and this is part of theirs. I pray that God would help them so that throughout their lives they can grow up knowing the Lord and his great love for them.




2 thoughts on “Boys will be boys

  1. Thank you for sharing that story. I haven’t been to that location (as far as I know). What a great ministry – of demonstrating God’s love to them. We continue to pray for you and the team and the Dirrims, too!

  2. Beautiful post about being the hands and feet of Jesus! You never know what your smiles, hugs, and service will do in the hearts of these people! Love the photo of the cute kids and pray that they will hear God calling them to Himself.

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