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The Weekend Full of Paul

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On Sunday and Monday, we all went to Thessaloniki, Lidia, Philippi, Berea, and Vergina. They were all great to see, but my favorite part of the whole trip was seeing the river and being in a peaceful atmosphere after being in Athens for what seems like a lifetime. I had a lot of space to think and re-learn the importance of solitude and finding God through nature. (It’s hard for me to say that, because I’m basically allergic to everything that involves photosynthesis.) After being exposed to the serenity of God’s creation, I felt more aware of the messages Ken had for us this weekend. 

Our whole weekend was full of Acts, Paul, and his letters. We experienced the road Paul traveled on, which is called Via Egnatia. We saw the podium in which the Greeks think Paul spoke at in Berea. We had lessons on Paul from Ken. It was literally a weekend full of Paul! I loved every second of it, and I’m glad I got to experience all of it!

The hardest part about this weekend was all the walking we had to do. Before you say “walking isn’t that hard to do,” it was difficult for me. Long story short, I had ankle surgery about 7 years ago, and I still have problems with it even today. It was fine the first week we were in Greece, but lately, it’s been hurting even walking in a straight line. Prayers are greatly appreciated, and I will do an update in a couple of days on how I’m feeling and how God is working in my life. 

Elizabeth Herbel

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