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Last Week at Helping Hands

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After we got back from a wonderful few days of retreat with the Helping Hands team, we spent the last two days at Helping Hands for their meal day and women’s showers day. The last couple of days have also been extremely warm outside, so working at Helping Hands has been also pretty warm. It’s crazy to think that we have only been at the Helping Hands center four times now and we are leaving this coming Monday; however, each of us have gotten the hang of what we are supposed to do and how we can help out as we each have done a large variety of the jobs: playing with the babies and kids, serving and making food, and lots of setting up and cleaning.

Yesterday, Liz and I helped out with the kids while Tiffany helped out in the kitchen, and today, Liz played with the kids, Tiffany was helping with kids and bouncing around helping out, and I mostly helped in the kitchen. Nick is still currently gone to Men’s Camp with a few of the guys from Helping Hands to serve refugee men. It is kind of crazy how simple and how rewarding it is to be present and available to serve. None of the tasks we have done have been challenging, but they can be more helpful then you realize. For me, my “biggest” task today was to help lift the giant, hot pans of food back and forth as I capable of doing it with no problem. You never realized how helpful you can be until you simply ask, “How can I help?” I am going to miss this place, the grateful smiles from the refugees, the wonderful laughs from the kids, the adorable little tiny babies, and especially the team we got to spend the last few weeks getting to know. As much as miss home, I also don’t want to leave yet. I feel like there is so much more I can do out here, and I don’t want to say goodbye to the new friends we have made. Our last day of serving will be this Friday for tea house, but I only wish we had more time. Please pray for everyone that will walk through Helping Hands: that they will see the love and passion that the people who serve there are pouring out to them as they are each following Christ. God Bless!

-Bekah Palmer


One thought on “Last Week at Helping Hands

  1. Continuing to pray for your last days there and that God will continue to shine through you! Way to be the hands and feet of Christ!

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