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Jesus, Tea and Goodbyes

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Although we will still be in Greece for a few more days, today was our last day at Helping Hands. Today was a tea house for the refugees. There was no structure or program to the day; the refugees could just come inside for a while, drink tea, play games and visit with one another.  Bekah and I worked in the kitchen making and serving tea for everyone. Even though it was hot outside (and inside!), we were consistently giving out tea and tea cookies. I’m sure I gave some kids like 30 tea cookies a peice!

Liz had the opportunity to work with the kids and teens today. One girl who is 18 and knows English fairly well, started talking with Liz and another girl about who Jesus is and that he is the Son of God. They were able to tell this girl about who Jesus is to them and how they believe in one God. She shared some of what she believed as well. The fact she was asking questions was such a sign that she is curious and that God is working in her life!

Most of the refugees are staying at camps around Athens. Some have more than others–some have money while others are just figuring out how to get by. Today so many of them kept asking if they could takes the cups from the center to the camps because they didn’t have anything. It was hard to have to tell them no. It was such a simple thing, but it showed how much some of these people don’t have.

Since today was our last day at Helping Hands, there were many people that we won’t see again. During debrief they prayed for us and we said our goodbyes. While I didn’t like saying goodbye, I am so grateful for the staff here. They have continually showed me love. Everyday they demonstrate how to follow Jesus and serve his people.

The last couple days of our trip we will spend seeing  a few more sites, debriefing, going to church and packing. We will head to the airport on Monday morning to start our trek back to the States. Thanks for journeying with us these last few weeks!




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