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Thailand Day One – Hannah B. 

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After about 20 hours on a plane and 10 hours of layovers, we finally made it to our hotel around 2:30 this morning (Wed.) and got a bit of sleep before heading to a floating market this morning at 10. We got breakfast before leaving Bangkok – BBQ chicken and pork on a stick and sticky rice from a street vender. It was amazing and so cheap! All 7 of my team members ate for around $1 a piece. The drive to the floating market was about 2 hours because traffic was pretty thick. Our drivers name was Sammy and he was so helpful and very informative about the culture. When we got to the floating market I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it’s literally a market that is floating. You pay someone to take you on a boat for several hours. The boats are odd and they didnt scream safety when I saw them. They are powered by a car motor and transmission that has a 10-15 foot pipe attached to it with a propeller at the end. I’ve never seen anything like it until today. A lot of the shops sell pretty similar things; figurines, pants, bracelets, etc. They remind me of a carnival game. Most are ran by women; and their goods are packed into their “shop” with a lot it things hanging. As the boat goes by the owner tries to call you over with good prices or unique items. It was amazing but weird st the same time. It was fun to barter with them and they were all very kind! We saw a small crocodile climb out of the river and another croc that only had half a tail, I’m assuming because of a propeller. I hate water so this was a very challenging experience at times. The driver would go 20-30 MPH in the more open parts of the river. Part of this floating market was an elephant ride. I was able to ride with Bekah and it was so cool! Two different times our umbrella fell closed, so the driver stood up on the elephant and walked back to the umbrella (while the elephant was still walking) and fixed it. One of my team members was on the elephant behind us and he thought it was hilarious; Bekah and I were a little more nervous. After driving back we got a little bit of rest. Jet lag has hit the group hard and everyone is exhausted. We got some dinner and an amazing dessert crepe. It was just batter and bananas with condensed milk and sugar on top. It was delicious and only around $1. We’re traveling to Pattaya tomorrow, so I’m expecting more new and cool things. 
Please pray for good rest tonight and safety in our journey tomorrow.  ❤


One thought on “Thailand Day One – Hannah B. 

  1. Hannah, very descriptive and interesting. Thanks! Deb

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