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Wednesday May 17th- Thailand- Rebekah Fitch 

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Waking up was hard this morning due to traveling so much and little sleep but it got better for me. My excitement overcame being tired so I’m thankful for that. Breakfast was good, different but very good. Chicken and pork on a stick with sticky rice. It seemed like a small quantity but it was quite filling. After we ate we loaded in a van with our driver, Sammy. He was such a fun driver to have, he spoke really good English and he told many jokes. It took a while to get to the floating market because of traffic but we got to see a lot of Bangkok from the drive. We saw many huge and beautiful temples. We got to the floating market and I had no idea what to expect. So you climb on this small boat and your boat driver takes you around to different shops right on the water. Most of the shops were selling similar items and if you buy something from a shop your boat driver gets so much money (or cigarettes, food, etc.) from whatever you buy. You could buy things like: clothes, bags, paintings, tea, spices, and so much more. It was incredible. Next thing to do was ride on an elephant. I was really excited when I was told we were going to ride one. I was so beside myself when we were in line waiting to get on the elephant. That was a big highlight for me from today, it was so much fun! The drive back to our hotel was shorter because there wasn’t much traffic so that was nice. We got some good dinner at a nice restaurant and then we got dessert. The dessert has been the best food so far for me. It was like a crepe with banana in it and then sweet and condensed milk, sugar, and chocolate syrup drizzled on top. I can’t wait to have more of that dessert. 

I appreciate everyone who has told me that they are praying for my team and I. Pray that our health stays good and the jet lag wears off sooner rather than later. 


One thought on “Wednesday May 17th- Thailand- Rebekah Fitch 

  1. Thankful you all arrived safely! May God continue to bless you and the Team Asia! You are all in my prayers. Keep the blogs and pictures coming!

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