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Yesterday was quite the long and busy day. We drove out to Pattaya from Bangkok in a pretty sweet van, the drive was roughly 2 hours long. It was a good time to talk and rest since we are still pretty jet lagged. We got checked into our hotel and then we started to walk to go to the beach. It was beautiful to see the gulf of Thailand, even if it was hot and humid. That night we went to what is called “Walking Street.” Seth prepared us earlier that day of what Walking Street is and some of the things we were going to see. Tim Hawkins put into words what I could not about Walking Street. This is what he said in his blog about Walking Street, “Poor young girls from remote villages are offered work in Bangkok in a restaurant or laundry, and their parents send them, eager for the promise of financial support. This dream is quickly shattered, though, when these girls are instead enslaved in labor of the most horrible kind, and they are paraded around like wares at a market, men shoving laminated cards in tourists faces offering their choice of young girls.” It was hard to process and deal with the things that we saw last night. Prayers would be appreciated for this place, the girls involved, and also for this team as we process everything. 

This Friday morning we drove back to Bangkok and got checked into our hotel and then went to a ministry called “Rahab.” This ministry helps girls that were on the streets have hope for a better life. At this ministry they had a small shop of things that these girls have learned to make. There was necklaces, bracelets, earring, and stuffed animals. We all enjoyed looking through and buying a few items from them. Their minstry is so good and I pray that it grows and continues to help young girls. 

Seth found a restaurant online that had Korean BBQ and we all were up for it for dinner. It was far from our hotel so we took the sky train. I personally love trains but this was a whole new experience for me. I could not believe the number of people that could fit on these. There was a few times we were packed like sardines in this train. We got there very quickly and we got a good view of a lot of Bangkok from it, it was beautiful to see. None of us was sure what to expect for this Korean BBQ but we were hungry and eager to try new things. This place you got to cook whatever meats you chose. We got beef, chicken and bacon. They bring you plates of raw meat and you pick it up with a pair of tongs and place it on the grill in front of you and then eat as much as you want. We were slow and quite bad at grilling so a woman who worked there took over and started to grill for us, much easier that way. We were all struggling, but the food was so delicious. 

Keep us all in your prayers as we are emotionally, mentally, and physically tired. With seeing, smelling, and tasting all new things it is quite draining. Pray for us as we fly to Yangon Myanmar and visit our first home to do our first VBS program. 

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