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Yesterday we flew to Yangon, Myanmar to do our first VBS program. The flight was short, only about an hour but it good to relax on the plane. When we got to Yangon we were greeted by Seth’s brother-in-laws. They were all very welcoming and friendly. We loaded all the bags and got checked into our hotel. We ate a really good lunch at the restaurant hotel and then went to Pa Kep’s house, which is where we were doing the program for the kids. We arrived and everyone there was very nice and welcoming. 

When the kids arrived it was time for us to do the program. We started off by introducing ourselves and telling a little bit about ourselves. We moved into crafts and it was fun to see the kids being creative when coloring on their bookmarks. We moved into games and the kids had a blast and we were all laughing and having a good time. We did another craft and once again I was blown away by the artistic talent a few kids had. We did the skit and we acted out the Bible story of Jesus walking on the water. We wanted the kids to know that they can always trust God through the good and bad times in our life. We ended our program by having each child write down something they need to trust God with in their life. They wrote it in their own language and it was so cool to see their language written out. I wrote down my future, I need to trust God with my future at all times. 

Being with the kids and interacting with them reassures me that God wanted me on this trip. God wanted me to hang out and connect with the children. Even though their is that language barrier I still feel like I connected well with them. I pray that they had fun and got something out of our program. I am still in shock that I am here in Asia. I am blessed by all the people who donated money to me for this trip because it is changing my life. Please continue to pray for us as we travel again tomorrow. Pray that we stay healthy and we have the energy to keep up with the kids. Also keep praying for the kids we are ministering to.


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