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Asia update 

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It has been a crazy couple of days. The last time I posted my group was just starting to get emersed in the culture. We are now in Myanmar; we flew into Yangon from Bangkok, Thailand. During our stay in Thailand we drove to a place called Pattaya. It’s about 2 hours from Bangkok and it’s a really hard place to visit. It’s the number one place in the world for pedophiles. There is a whole street dedicated to sex bars and prostitution, along will many girls who are being trafficked. Women of all ethnicities and ages. Girls who look like they are well off (one Russian girl was well dressed, fit, and even had an Apple Watch) but there’s a good chance she had been kidnapped and drugged before being taken to Walking Street. On the way back to our hotel, we saw hundreds of prostitutes on the side of the road, many who were underage. It was heartbreaking and hard to see. The whole time my heart was hurting for these girls, some younger than myself. They have no way of getting out of this situation. No way of making it home or having a normal life. You might be wondering why my group would go to such a dark area, but it helped all of us to understand why we are here to work with the children who have been rescued out of trafficking. It made me want to work really hard to make these kids happy because I understand better what they came from. 

After Pattaya, we headed to Bangkok again. We went to a ministsry called Rahab, which rescues women out of prostitution and trafficking and teaches them a trade such as sewing, doing laundry, or making jewelry. Rahab has a store for the women to sell the items they’ve made. Bekah and I were able to buy some beautiful items. It was cool to be able to support the women! 
We flew to Myanmar yesterday and did our first formal ministry. Our VBS program went so well and all of the kids loved it. Although there was a language barrier was difficult to maneuver around the kids were still happy and loved the message we brought. Our theme was the story of Jesus walking on water, so we did a skit (thanks KC for the inspiration), and crafts that went with our story, and we read them the passage multiple times. We also played three games despite the 107* heat. We have a big blue piece of fabric that says “TRUST” on it. We had the kids write a worry that they have, or something they need to trust God with. This was a very special time in our program because these kids have been through more than we can imagine, and they still run to Jesus with their worries. I had no idea what any of them said because they’re in a different language, but I knew they were all trying to trust God even during hard times. Through this VBS Bekah and I found a girl who we are going to be pen pals with via Facebook messenger 🙂 
The electricity in Myanmar is very unstable. Yesterday afternoon it went out multiple times even at the local shopping mall. Electricity is pretty new to the country within he last few years. Before that, everything was run off of generators. 
The people are amazing. They will give you everything they have right after they meet you. Even if they have very little, they will give it to you. It is truly a blessing. 
Today we are headed to church and rest up a little before we fly Monday to Shan State where we will visit several homes. Shan State is the number #2 producer and exporter of Opium in the world. Drugs lead to other issues, and that is why there are 4 homes in that area. I’m excited to visit these kiddos! 

On a much less serious note, the drivers in south east Asia are nuts. In Thailand there are so many mopeds and they are so daring. They jet out in front of cars and buses and expect the much larger vehicle to stop. Most of the time the center line means nothing to anyone. If you want to pass some one but there is another car coming, oh well. They still pass and expect the other person to get over. In Myanmar drivers are on the right side of the road, which is no big deal, but the steering wheel is ALSO ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE CAR. It’s the craziest thing ever. 
Until next time Team Asia Supporters. 


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