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Church, Pa Kep, and the Great Pagoda – Rune

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After we got to Yangon and spent our first day in the Golden View Hotel, we ate breakfast at the restaurant/breakfast room (it’s a little building next to the hotel in the enclosed compound.) After we were done, we traveled with Pa Kep to his house/ministry center, and we had church with him and all the kids. All I can say is wow. The people there worshipped with all their hearts and sang beautifully. They truly love the Lord. I got a little bit emotional when they were singing during some points of the service. I love to hear other people worship and praise God in their own languages. All of the people we have met so far are extremely nice, they want to make sure you are absolutely comfortable, bring you water and fans to stay cool, and give us a lot of food. They are amazing and extremely hospitable. 

After the service, we ate lunch with Pa Kep. A traditional Burmese man came into the house with his wife, who is a buddhist. He has become a Christian, but is wife is a buddhist. Our team prayed with him. He also had his two young sons with him, one of them gave me a kiss on the cheek, and I got to hold the other one which is a baby. Pa Kep also gave us a traditional Myanmar “longgyi” to wear. 

Later in the day, Pa Kep took us to see the “Shwedagon Pagoda.” It is the largest Pagoda in the entire world. A Pagoda is similar to a temple, with the Shwedagon being for monks and Buddhism. It was incredible, and the whole team was truly blessed to be able to visit it and witness its magnificence. After we were done and walking back, Tim mentioned that even though it was an amazing place, it was also very sad that so many people for thousands of years had been worshipping false Gods, and had put so much effort into building something of no value to glorify the true God. I totally agreed. 

Overall, this was one of the best days of our trip so far for me, and I think everyone from the team had a really good time. After visiting the Pagoda, Pa Kep and Seth took us to the “Golden Duck Restaurant.” Wow. Talk about some good food. We fly to Shan State tomorrow. Please pray for safe travel for the rest of the trip, and also for all the kids in Seth’s ministry.

God bless,



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