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It’s the Little Things

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So many brand new sights and things in Asia, the sensory overload is defiantly there. My time here has been one of my many dreams come true and I am truly blessed too. This post will be rather short, and little, but for me it is really the little things that matter most. If you know me, you know what a feather means to me. To “be still” and focus on what the Lord has in store, and to meditate on what he is trying to say to me in this time. Well, I haven’t found any, but butterflies have recently been another thing that has shown the same. In church, Sunday, they had us say something, anything. I mentioned I’ve taken notice to how even the birds, as different as they are here from the USA, sing just as beautifully as back home. The flowers are in such amazing design, the butterflies flutter the same, everything is practically the same, just a little different in shapes, colors etc. The same sun I see home, is also here in Asia. How great is that?! God has surely made beautiful things. Sometimes we look at the big picture God has painted, and great it is! But, there is smaller, much more fine, detail that is etched in the picture. If you look close enough you will surely see how much more detailed the overall is.


I found this lizard the other day, but every time I got near it, it skittered away quickly. Took forever trying to find it, because each time I found it, it ran away. Eventually, though, I took notice of, “Well maybe if I just sit still for a while, it will make itself known again.” Sure enough, it did. So, I went up to it slowly, and got close enough for a picture, (Sweet!) Then, I noticed how it was shaped, the details of it skin, even saw its belly. Amazingly I could see it’s little heart beating. (Possibly from how scared it was seeing me near it.)


The tiniest details show how big the picture really is. But again, I mean, The Master Artist made such a masterpiece that he put such very fine detail in everything.



In Christ,


Ryan Kucharek


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