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Update from Myanamar 

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Today was a very good day, most of the day consisted of flying and getting to our hotel. Once we got our bags in the rooms we went to do our VBS program. The program went really well. We all did very good and had a very fun time! I’m so thankful for our friend and translator Pa Kep. He is very funny and helpful while we are in Myanmar. So far he has ordered all of our food for us, so that’s been nice. 

Being with the kids and doing this program has brought so much joy in my life. Being here and helping the kids reassures me on my own calling in life to be an elementary teacher. All the kids, no matter what age they are, make me so happy. They all make me laugh and I’m so happy that I get to hangout with them even if it is just a couple of hours. 

Since wifi is limited, I am writing this from a restaurant we are currently at. I wasn’t too hungry for a meal so I just some chocolate chocolate chip ice cream. It reminded me of home, it was so good. 

All of us are still in good health and feeling good, just tired. Pray for energy as we minister to the kids. Continue to pray for safe travels and the kids we are with. We all appreciate your prayers! 


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