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Asia Driving 

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Bad driving stating someone who cannot drive or is reckless. In the US some say those people are from crowed states like California and Texas.  My view is most of those drives are the best because they are experts of heavy and fast moving traffic. The different cities traffic in Asia we have seen and been in is probably ten times worse then the cities in the states. It’s crowded, some roads narrow, hundreds of people walking and vehicles moving pretty fast. 

Being a pedestrian is not like the US and the law is not protecting you. Our term J walking is what everyone does in Asia. You cross anywhere at your own risk. Think about the game leap frog and if you love that game Asia is the perfect place to try. Just kidding don’t try it, you might not get another life like on the game. 

My opinion of driving in Asia is that I love it. I’ll give three personal reasons why. 

  1. I like getting from one place to another fast and sometimes in the US laws prevent that. An example of that is double solid and half dashed/solid lines where you can’t go around or sometimes you can. In Asia there is only one dashed line that means warning opposite traffic that no one follows, some even drive in the middle.
  2. Honk Honk Honk! Everyday Allday. The honking which helps them not be reckless even though no one uses their turn signals. Honking lets you know to move over your going to slow or hey I’m going to pass you so be careful. For pedestrians this might mean don’t cross cause I’m in a hurry or I will hit you be smart. 
  3. Anything with two wheels rules the road. I would love driving my motorcycle in Asia. The term white-lining applys everywhere. Police don’t mess with you for speeding and they usually aren’t even in their cars or on their mopeds. You get to be in front of traffic at all times and you pass people with ease. This is the mass majority of the people’s transportation. 

These drivers were allways good in traffic and got us from point A to B in a timely manner. 

Bangkok  – Sammy

  • Road Rager – Honked the most 
  • English – Very good and funny
  • Military – US and Asia 

Kyaing Tong, – Paul

  • Trike w/ cab – Cool and looked home built 
  • Pastor – Wise and smart 
  • No English – Had a great smile and laugh 

Taunggyi –  Tayzar 

  • Speed demon – Captain of the road 
  • Timely – Always on-time for transportation 
  • Safe – Even while speeding 

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