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Such Joy

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Being here for almost 2 weeks, there have been many, so many sights. One could say that I haven’t seen enough; and they would be correct. There isn’t enough time to really see everything, example I know I haven’t seen everything back home in the States and I lived there my whole life.


The sights I want to talk about is the things I’ve taken notice from the kids here. The past few have touched my heart in many ways, granted all of them have, but the past three the most thus far. Though we’ve done the same things for each, just something more came out of it for me at least. As I been hearing some background stories for each kid, my heart has been shattering. But looking at them now, you wouldn’t begin to tell what they have seen and lived through.


These kids have faced their own special kind of Hell that no child, or teen, should ever experience anywhere in the world. But interacting with them and you will find just utter pure, unadulterated, joy flowing from their hearts, their little giggles, and look them in the eyes and you will find hope overflowing. Today two took a liking to me, where ever I sat so did they. One was talking to me in their language and couldn’t help but keep laughing as they knew I had no idea what they said; but it still worked we had fun. Then seeing these kids eat, man could they eat. It isn’t everyday where they can eat a buffett style lunch till they are full, but now they can thanks to the ministry that takes care of them. Most of them had to find food, or never got enough, but knowing they can in these families makes me joyous! Their joy is extremely addictive!


If you say there is no God, come see these kids and explain to me how in the world they have so much hope in the world around them; and it isn’t because the homes took them in, because anyone can take care of a child to give them love, shelter and food. No, this, this here is different, ya know? Seeing them, you see something more, something that words cannot express. You can just tell there has surely got to be a God who is good, and just. The sovereignty of God and his love is lavished on such ways that it is remarkably, and unmistakably present here.


In Christ,



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