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My Heart is Full

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Man, each day here has made me want to stay all the more in Asia. So much in short amount of time. I can’t believe I am heading home Sunday already, it surely has gone too fast.


The other day we visited the Killing Fields and S-21 in Phenom Penh. Such tragic events took place in both locations, words are not enough to even begin to explain the heartache that took place. The killing that took place is 7x’s more deadly than 9/11. Let that soak just for a moment, can you imagine it? If you have time, research some testimonials from the S-21. There are only 2 of the 14 survivors left alive now. Just a small sample of what went on in Cambodia, the Khmer Rouge took over Cambodia and started a genocide of it’s own people. Even tourists, educators, ministers, monks, their own soilders, everyone was a target and sent to prisions where they were tortured and later killed.  Being a college student, would have made me a target, even wearing glasses did. Meaning, I would be one sent to S-21.


Saw the last of the homes today, and my heart was saddened, but filled with joy seeing the kids. They were smiling, enjoying life, much like my last post, you know they are much happier and filled with God’s love.

Heading home in short two days and I feel as if there needs to be more time had here. I’ve always had a heart for Asia, being here has made that greater. As it is hard to be still, I am reminded of the words from Psalm 46, “Be still, and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!”

The Lord has surely done amazing things in their lives, and my soul is full knowing He will continue to do more.


In Christ




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