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Last VBS Program For The Kids, Heading Back To Bangkok From Phnom Penh, Cambodia (June 3)

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Yesterday (June 2) we did our last VBS program for the kids here in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. It was alittle bit sad knowing that this was the last one of the trip before we head back to Bangkok today, but also a feeling of accomplishment and completion. Our team leader from the college, and  also our guide for the trip (Seth), decided to combine the last three children’s homes into one, in order to save time, so this visit was much larger; instead of having about 10 kids, we had close to 40!

When we arrived at the home, all of the kids and parents were lined up along the road and driveway, cheering and screaming that we had arrived. It made me feel like a hero who was being welcomed home by everyone after being gone for a long time. All of the kids enjoyed the program and thanked us many times for coming. Great experience for them as well as me. God is really working in their lives to help them come from bad situations and start better lives.

Earlier in the day, our group went to a mall just to look around and eat some food. I had Sushi for the first time. It was very good. I have enjoyed all the food we have eaten and all of the people feeding us have been very nice and hospitable towards us. I believe that I have made some lifelong-friends on this trip and will continue to stay in contact with them even after we have left.

Even though the trip is almost over, please continue to pray for myself as well as the team, as there is still alot of traveling/plane flights to do before we arrive home early Monday.

Thank you and God bless!

– Rune.

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