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When the Metro shuts down..

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Have you ever finally gotten the hang of something new just to have it switched on you? Well that was Team Greece today.

We take the Metro everywhere and yesterday I said to Taylor that now that we had finally gotten used to it, something would mess us up. And guess what.. the Metro was closed today. We have to take the bus and it was very crowded. Like just when you thought nobody else could fit on the bus..10 more got on. Then 10 more.  (Noah, Taylor and Michale got an extra dose of it today, just ask them.) It’s safe to say we were very uncomfortable.


We also got to see some beautiful parts of Athens and a few of us got to help teach English to some refugees. Tonight we all sat around the dinner table laughing about our day. It was an incredibly humbling day and some how we all made it though.

We had an amazing lunch overlooking some beautiful parts of Athens. It was incredible! There are not words to describe how some of us felt today seeing the sites and appreciating the history.

In the next couple of days you will get to hear more about our ministry work so check back in!

Thank you for keeping us in your prayers!




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