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Getting into the Groove…

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So this is actually Noah and not Ryan. Sorry but stuff wasn’t working right for me so I had to use Ryan’s login.

We have been in Greece for four days now I think. It has been really cool to see our group get into the groove of being in close proximity to each other while we work with these refugees. Yesterday I got to work with a few refugee men in an English class. While we were working, I got to know them and they got to learn about me. They seemed to really enjoy learning and getting to hear what I had to say.

Last night I had authentic Greek gelato and I might be in love… it rocks! All of the food here tastes so much better than anything I have had in Kansas. (Except my dads cooking of course.) Even the food here that I don’t like is more enjoyable then most stuff in America.

I adore the group that is here with me. Our leader Ryan is one of the group members and does a great job of keeping us on schedule. Ethan is our big man on campus. He is fun to be around, and I have seen him really get to enjoy the refugees. Michale, Taylor, and I got stuck on a VERY crowded bus yesterday and got to experience Greek life in a whole new way (don’t ask).  Victorya is a great bundle of fun and I know this trip is better with her on it. We may not be a perfect team but we are very close. 😉 I can’t wait to see what God has in store for us in the weeks to come.

By the way if any of you know my mother and can show this to her I would be eternally grateful. Please let her know that I am not dead and I am having a blast!

One thought on “Getting into the Groove…

  1. I love to hear that everyone is getting along well and enjoying one another.

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