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A Blonde, A Brunette, and a Redhead…

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To start off, once again this is not Ryan, and if you’re thinking that it is Noah, you’re wrong again! This is Michale, and I also had difficulties in setting up my account. (It said that someone else had my username, but I can’t imagine someone else having this exact name…) Anyways.

It has almost been a full week since we left for Greece, and had a prayer meeting in front of the student center for our sendoff. What we caught on to after this, however, was the fact that we sounded like the beginning of a bad joke. After all, when you look at us girls, we have a blonde, a brunette and a redhead on their way to Greece (You can’t help but think “what can go wrong?”) The answer is quite a few small things, but no major catastrophes yet.


One such incident is what we will dub “the elevator escapade.” As you can probably guess, us girls like to wear shorts when out sightseeing, which is what we did earlier in the day; however, when volunteering at the ministry center, we have to wear capris. We were running late, and needed to eat lunch and change. We were able to find food rather quickly, and afterwards came the major task. We needed to find a restroom. However, public restrooms are not very common in Greece, so this became a little more tricky than normal. We managed to find one in American Outfitters, of all places, but the restroom happened to be on the seventh floor. So we took the elevator up, and Taylor remembered one helpful piece of advice. “Remember, the floor numbers go from zero here, so we need to get off at zero when we come back.” We find the restroom, get changed, and hop back on the elevator. Mission Accomplished?

We got out on the second floor. We didn’t recognize where we were, and it took us a few seconds to realize that we were not on the ground level. Did we wait for the next elevator? Nope. We managed to find an escalator and go down, (even though Taylor tried to go down an “up” escalator at first), and tried to find a way out there, forgetting that we were on the first floor. We finally realized we were still not on the ground floor and, after we scared some poor Greek lady who could not speak english, we found the stairs, and sprinted outside to a group of slightly concerned and very confused guys.

At the ministry center, we have been helping teach english, which can be a difficult task when you don’t understand their primary language. We have had several different misunderstandings, but we had a lot of fun. One of my favorite parts about teaching english though, is listening to the refugees pray afterwards. The prayers are very simple, one or two sentences at most, but they are full of a thankfulness that we do not encounter in the  United States. It is one of the most impacting experiences I have had on this trip, and one that I hope to remember for a very long time.

So, as you can tell from the story above, we are adjusting to life here fairly well. We are enjoying life, food, and the team camaraderie; but we also got to do something else today…



That’s right. We got to see the Parthenon and Mars Hill. (Forgive me if I’m a little smug here. I’ll probably pay for it later with some embarrassing story or other.) Seeing these sights were amazing, and it allowed us to view the New Testament in a whole new way. It caused an impact on all of us, and we even were in shock for awhile. It was astounding to be able to stand where Paul stood, and even realize that we were participating in ministry in the same city that he ministered in. This experience allowed us to really think about the reality of the Bible, and let it sink in that it was real people, not just stories.


‘Nuff said.

P.S. This is yesterday’s post, but the internet glitched, so we were not able to post it then.

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