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Learning About D for D

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Yesterday we visited four people who had learned to see that God had given them resources over which they were not good stewards. Through the Discipleship for Development program, they learned that God wants to heal four different relationships: our relationship to God, to others, to self, and to creation.

We visited Pastor Girard’s land which did not grow good crops. He planted eucalyptus trees instead. They gown in 10 years to be harvested, then will send up new sprouts to continue to supply an income. He has planted 4000 trees and hopes to plant another 1000. These trees will provide for his retirement, and also provide for his children, and grand children. This is an example of the change from thinking only of providing for today to having hope for generations to come.Girard's Forrest.jpg

One thought on “Learning About D for D

  1. Nice “grove” picture! It is good to see the changes that have taken place there – and it is a reminder to us in this country to be prepared and to think about the legacy we will leave, too! đŸ™‚

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