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Our Big Fat not-so-Greek Family (and some lessons learned)

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Hello everyone!

This is Taylor Mabry. I am so excited to be writing my first blog today. We will have two blogs today due to the internet being bad last night and Michale not being able to post. She just posted a blog called “A blonde, brunette, and a redhead…” if you would like to go read it. 🙂 I was not sure what to write today when the day began. However, I believe that I learned some lessons for today.

To begin the day the group went over to the Helping Hands ministry center and cleaned for them. We were able to clean the floor, wash windows, and a few more things. After helping at the ministry center the guys stayed behind and participated in a mens day for refugees. They had a blast playing in a ping-pong tournament and having fellowship with other men.


Michale cleaning laundry baskets.


Noah cleaning a table (that was really, really, really dirty)


Victorya and I cleaning one of their walls in the washroom.

Sorry no photos of Ethan or Ryan. Ethan was taking the photos and Ryan was MIA 😉 (jk he was doing leader stuff)

As for the women we had to go back to the apartment and hang out until the guys came back. However, we did not do just that. We decided to get some food for tonight and we went to a street market in our neighborhood. We felt very well when we bought fresh fruit and vegetables from the local vendors. I was so excited to have accomplished buying local food in a foreign country! It is something so simple but when one is not familiar with what is around them or the language it can be the little victories that count the most.


*Above is the food that we got form the market.

As for what was learned, today I learned that ministry is more than just the action of serving people in the ministry center. I know that no matter what we do in life as Christians is an act of service to others and ministry as a witness of Christ. However, it was a little hard today to stay behind as the guys went on to have fellowship with the refugee men. As the girls and I stayed home we realized that our ministry and service can also be to our teammates. We are here to serve our fellow teammates as much as we are to here to serve the people in Greece. We were able to hang out at the apartment and to make supper, clean up the apartment, and make sure that food was on the table when they returned. Being on a team is not just about being forced to live together for a few weeks and eating together. It is about how you can become a family for your time here and learn how to best serve each other so that you each have a good missions experience. Ministry is what we do to show the love of Christ to others. No matter who they are or what circumstance they may be in.

Every night we have had “family time”. We talk about what we liked most about the day, what we learned, and what was the hardest part of our day. This has brought us closer together as some of us have had rough days while others were having good days. I believe that the whole team can agree that we are becoming closer and stronger as the days pass and we are learning more about how to serve each other best. When people talk about this trip, they talk about all of the ministry that we will do in this country and for the people here. I think that we can forget that we also have to travel around the world with people that we really, truly, do not know. This provides a great space for us to learn about what it is like to work with other people and live with each other (in a foreign environment no less). Needless to say, we are slowly becoming one big (slightly dysfunctional) happy family. 🙂

I am excited to see how else God moves during this trip, in myself and in the team. That is all that I have for today, we have a day off tomorrow and we will hopefully be writing again soon! We are praying for everyone back home and thank you for your prayers as well!

With love,

Taylor Mabry

(And fam)



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