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Birthday Blast

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Spending your 21st birthday in another country while doing the work of the Lord is an experience you’ll never forget! This morning we went to a coffee shop where we had waffles, quesadillas, smoothies, and coffee. The owner of the coffee shop is painting a mural in the back of wings where we went and took some pictures!

We headed out to see compassion kids 960 and got to sit in a classroom where they have class every Saturday and re teach the kids what they have learned but include how God is apart of everything they learned. It’s really wonderful to see these teachers teach the gospel of God in what the kids are learning!

After we headed to compassion kids 961 where we met some of the founders then were able to eat with all of the kids! Afterwards we went to the courtyard where we showed 267 kids how to play duck duck goose which was too difficult because of how many kids there were! After that we got to watch some of the kids do some traditional dances which was really neat. The boys started a basketball game so Bailee and I decided to play while Karalyn took pictures! It was so much fun, but very physical because there weren’t rules! I am blessed to be able to spend this birthday in another country serving!

One thought on “Birthday Blast

  1. Happy late Birthday! Thank you for this good report and the fun picture, too! Yeah, no rules basketball can be great, too. 🙂

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