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Leaping into Corinth

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again, sorry for posting on Ryan’s but my email is being sucky. (BTW this is Noah)

so yesterday we got to go and see Corinth. it was Awesome! not only did our in country missionary tell us a ton of new and exciting things about Corinth but was also got to explore the area where we got to walk though gates that were there in biblical times but we also got to walk where Paul did multiple times!

I never thought I would be able to say I have walked where the Apostle Paul walked. it is so amazing to truly get to experience these places and not just see them. We even got to stand where Paul was dragged in front of the Roman Forum.

Today we worked at Helping Hands to prepare, serve, and clean up a meal. there was also a devotional that the refugees could partake in. it was such a blessing and humbling experience to see all of these refugees partake in a meal with such joy on their faces. the refugees here continually show me just how much some on can go through and come out smiling if they truly trust in God with every thing!

I feel so unworthy to help these people. I feel as though they should be showing ad teaching me about what it means to trust. I am so glad that i have been given this opportunity to come here and serve.

As always, please, if you can let my mother know about this post. Tell her I am not dead and doing great here in Athens. Tell her I love her and not to worry. (she is still going tho worry…)


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  1. Thanks for sharing God’s Blessing.

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