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The Differences Between Us

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Hello everyone!

This week has gone by so fast! We cannot believe that we only have about a week and a half left. The past two days have been filled with fun and laughter. Yesterday, the girls and I went to Helping Hands and participated in a women’s day. It is an opportunity for refugee women to come and relax. There is childcare provided and the women can simply chat and have fellowship. I helped in the children’s room and it was a lot of fun! Today we went and helped teach english to a few people from Iran. This was a highlight of today and I cannot wait to go back tomorrow.

A theme that seems to be occurring for me is a new understanding of language. Being in a new country can have many challenges and barriers that come with it. As we all know when someone does not speak your own language communication becomes difficult, to say the least. It has been difficult having a language barrier when teaching English and when helping at Helping Hands. However, when we were helping in the kids room it was really cool to see how children do not seem to have a cultural barrier. Children are children no matter what culture you are in. They love you for who you are and when a child wants to play with you, they will play with you, no matter what language you speak. This just reminded me about how God can work through anyone in any place. These children opened my eyes to how, even though they cannot speak my language, they love you anyways. There was nothing that felt more rewarding than when the kids smile and laugh after you tickle them. Even though there is a language and culture barrier they just want to play, laugh, and just be around you. These children have been through a lot and I was able to see God in a whole new way while watching them laugh and run around the play area.

When we are loving one another as Christ would we lose the barriers that can keep us apart. Even though it can be difficult to love one another when there are so many differences between all of us, it is one of the greatest ways to be Christ to others. We cannot become caught up in all of the barriers between us or we can miss the little moments of laughter and joy. These kids reminded me of that yesterday and I feel like I have a new understanding of how big God is and how I should love others through the barriers that keep us apart because in the end, it will always be worth it.

All in all, it has been a good week. It has gone by fast but I am glad that through the highs and lows God is working in everything. Thank you so much for your prayers and for reading our updates. I wish that we were able to tell you all everything we have done and learned, but you can ask us when we get back! We would love to share more about our trip.

I hope you have a fantastic weekend!

Taylor Mabry

P.S. Sorry there are no photos this time. We do not have any pictures from Helping Hands or teaching English.


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