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Nearing the Finish Line

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Sadly enough, this will be my last blog post since next Friday we will be headed back to America. For better or worse, this trip is coming to and end very quickly.

Our team got to lead two English classes today. We were all probably nervous because none of us had attempted to do this with our help. We got to experience a new ministry!

It is amazing that a language we all speak so well can become so difficult when trying to teach it. For example, how do you explain “how”? It presents new issues we never thought of.

To piggy back off of Taylor’s post about the different kinds of ministries, we have been learning that teaching English is a huge blessing to these refugees. They are moving from place to place and leaving their countries with the familiar language. When they move, they can not communicate as well to the locals of the new country. However, English is a second language in many places, so if we can help them become conversational in English, they will be able to do so much with confidence. We can teach them words to know for the supermarket, the doctor, the Metro/bus stations, etc. Our ministry to them is helping them gain a sense of autonomy in a new country.

This idea is what has stuck out to me this whole trip.

In my mind, we were going to spend a lot of time moving boxes, helping serve meals, etc. However, we have taught more English than anything and I actually rather enjoy seeing the refugees be so grateful.

I will be very sad to leave Greece next week after only just meeting these wonderful people. We have all really loved it here and leaving will be sad.

I think I can speak for my entire team when I say, Greece will forever be in our hearts.

Thank you all for supporting us in prayer as we finish up strong!


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