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Teaching in Rwanda

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This past week Bailee, Leilani, Karalyn and I taught at the Rwanda Friends Theological College in Musanze. We lived in the dorm for the college. Each room had its own bathroom which was nice. Some of the students lived in the dorm and some of them commuted from home.

Our day started around 7:30 am for breakfast. I taught Critical Thinking in the mornings (9:00 till 1:00) each day. Pastor Nicodeme translated and helped with illustrations to make the points clear. Pastor Nicodeme is very funny. He often made a joke about what we were talking about. The he would explain to me what the joke was about. We had lots of laughs.

After lunch from 1:30 till 2:30, we all would teach English to the students. Nicodeme divided the students by whether they had finished secondary school. Leilani and Karalyn taught the students who had not finished secondary school and knew less English. They helped them learn to read a skit based on the story of Jesus healing a man who was born blind. Their class then presented the skit to Bailee’s and my class.

Bailee and I taught the ones who knew more English. We had them read out loud from a book written in English by an African. We helped them with vocabulary and pronunciation. Overall it has been a lot of work but a great experience!

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  1. Thanks for the updates and for the wonderful pictures of teaching at RFTC, too!

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