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Quickly coming to a close…

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It has been a fulfilled past couple of days here in Greece! To catch you up from when Victorya posted on Friday, we went to watch the Star Wars movie Solo that evening, which we thoroughly enjoyed. (Movies are shown in English with Greek subtitles. Also, we actually only payed about $8.80 per ticket. Way cheaper than I thought it would be). On Saturday we decided to start our day off by sleeping in, and then headed off to the beach, where we enjoyed the cool (really cold) clear waters for a couple of sun-filled hours. While some of us were responsible and put on sunscreen, Noah got an epic swimsuit burn live on his leg (ask him about it sometime).

We came back and cleaned up, and then headed off to find the Hard Rock Cafe, a first for me, where we enjoyed huge, delicious burgers underneath the original artwork for one of Kansas’ album covers. (Kind of crazy to see that in Athens!). Today we attended the Greek Evangelical Church for the last time, which while I will be glad to once again be worshiping in my native tongue, it will be saddening to leave the unique experience of worship with believers in different tongues. We also attended the refugee church for Farsi speakers this evening, with everyone (except I) helped with the kids during the service. (I was going to tell them about the sermon. It was related to Pentecost. I was not able to catch everything due to the preacher not speaking into the microphone and by not hearing the end of his sentences due to the Farsi translator. Also, I spaced out a couple of times 🙃 #shouldhavetakenasundaynap)

But also in the last couple of days, I have come to this ppoint of mixed feelings: I am greatly anticipating returning home to Haviland, KS, taking comfort in the fact that I only have five more days until we head back. But I am also not ready to leave Greece, with me feeling that I have just began to adjust to living here. This has hit me in a couple of ways in the past few days.

One is this past Friday, when our group went to watch Solo (movies in Greece are shown in English with Greek subtitles). I enjoyed the movie, but upon coming out, I thought to myself “I could live here.” The other way is hard to pin point to a specific moment, but rather this realization that I have become comfortable with those around me speaking a different language than me. It did not faze me the way it was the first few days I was here.

This has led to a growing confidence, most recently manifested for myself in that I broke off from the group to go into a store I had not in before to purchase an ice cream cone (seriously, these things are amazing and addictive. They are called Rodeos, and I have spent more than I care to admit on them. Ask my fellow team mates). While this is a small action on my part, it is hard to see myself doing the same thing when I first arrived (or perhaps just courage born from a sweet tooth (: ).

So I hope to make the best of the few days we have left, with thoughts of hope not being too distracting. (nor thoughts of leaving the delicious ice cream. Like seriously, a pre-packedged ice cream cone should not taste this good)




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