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Hi! It is Noah again, sorry if you thought it was Ryan.

Today we got to help out at another large meal with helping hands. while many of the helpers were the same al of the refugees were different. It is such a blessing to get to see all of these people who have been through more than i could ever imagine and they still smile like they are on top of the world. It really puts my small problems into perspective and shows me how to enjoy the valleys and not just the mountain tops.

Yesterday we got to go to The original olympic stadium. the one that the games started on… yeah that one… I even got to race Ethan around the track. (shout out to Ethan for being such a great sport! thanks man, it meant so much to me!) we even got see ALL of the olympic torches all the way back to 1936. Those are the ones that that Jesse Owens ran at! We even saw this years olympic torch and I have to say it was very cool.

I think this is my last post of my time in Greece so i would like to say a few things. I wouldn’t trade this for the world. I love each and every one of my teammates and am so glad to have them here with me. My sister (not by blood) taylor has been a joy to have and she will always bring a smile to our faces when we are tired or we are feeling down. She may not perfect but she is the closest thing I have ever found. I am blessed to have a sister like her. Michale is one of the funniest unfunny people I know. while very few of her jokes i actually find funny she still manages to make me laugh like nothing else. plus she can make a killer pot of tea. and I don’t like tea. Victorya and I have so many jokes I can’t wait to see the places our friendship will go. she also has been the one I go to when I need to just talk to some one. she knows how to laugh and she also knows how to be there for some one when they need it. Ethan may not know what a personal space bubble is but he is one of the happiest people I know. He has so much more than he realizes and i can wait for the day he sees his true potential and becomes a man of great spiritual wealth. he he a man of great stature and heart. (I literally just watched him dance off by himself just because he was in a good mood.) nothing will ever keep this man down. He is truly unstoppable if he wants to be. Last but certainly not least is Ryan. Our fearless Leader. This man does not quit. i have gained so much respectful him over these past three weeks and he truly is a joy to be around. he gets us from place to place on time and he loves to laugh. he can take a sunburn that leaves him the same color as a tomato and not even flinch. he has led this group of crazy kids and turned us into a family. a family that I would never give up for all the money in the world. i will truly weep the day i must leave these people behind. they have done so much for me and I never want to leave any of them.

I have felt more at home in Greece with these crazy people than I have in many years. the thought of leaving them in a few days WILL bring me to my knees. I truly love each one of them. (and if you know me, you know i do not say that lightly.)

as always i end with a shout out to my mom. If you know her please tell her about these posts and tell her i am safe and truly enjoying myself. also i did not forget mothers day i just got her something from Greece.

From my Greek family to your own family I say,

May God bless you as he has blessed me.

Noah Camp.IMG_0383

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  1. I’m glad to hear the trip has gone so well and been such a positive team experience for you and everyone. I’m also glad you were able to visit the Olympic stadium (for some reason, I’m not surprised you got there)!

  2. Noah, this post made me smile! I can picture you running in the Olympic Stadium! Also it is wonderful to hear how close you have become as a team. I am so glad your experience has been so positive!

  3. Enjoyed all your updates. Love seeing what God has done. My grandson Aaron and his wife Karli Kick is in the group South Africa. Unfortunately they have no service to post. So it has been great reading you post.
    Praise God

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