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Hallo Guten Tag

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Today we spent our day at Samaria’s Ministry. We began by preparing the meal. The girls all helped by preparing the salad and sides, while the men cut chicken. We all enjoyed this aspect because we were able to be busy and continuously find tasks to do. We even had a break between the time of cooking the meal and serving the meal. Brad, Sarah, and I switched around playing checkers (the game took forever…we are all competitive). As we just sat and talk we were able to discuss some words in German and English. We all laughed because of the way we all pronounced certain words. When it was time to serve the meal we all had certain tasks in order to fill up 160 plates of food with only 6 people in the kitchen and about 5 others serving to the refugees. With having not that many workers everything was fast paced and it felt very rushed. It was hard in some ways because we wanted to interact with others but it’s also our duty to serve by making sure they get a meal so even though conversations were very little we still did our part. It was so much fun working with the interns, Helga, and Heinrich in the kitchen because we were able to make lots of jokes, and sing country songs. After we cleaned up we ate our lunch and any leftovers that we had were packaged up and given to homeless people on the streets. When we arrived back to our place we sat outside and enjoyed the beautiful weather (it’s been in the 70’s all week!!!) and just played card games as a team. Again the competitiveness is never-ending and yelling at each other in UNO and Dutch blitz is normal. LOL.


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