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A Day in Dingle

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On May 21st our group was visiting Dingle, Ireland, and the trip is coming to an end and I had not felt like I had bonded with everyone until that day. On this day, we all took on a challenge to climb the second tallest mountain in Ireland called the Ballinknockane Mountains! We were all very determined to climb this giant hill, we were reading a description of the hike before we started and it was suppose to be a causal stroll with seven crosses for a checkpoint! Well, we all started the hike together and we all did not finish together. This was not just a casual hike it was a body ache waiting to happen! We all eventually made it to the top, but the one thing I learned from it waste need to sacrifice for what my I have pride in. I always have to be the first one finished like I’m in a race but this hike I was humbled. 

I really felt connected when I stayed back and it was just Madi and I left to make it to the top. At that time I realized helping others and being there for them is more important than worrying about myself. When I got to the top with her I felt very accomplished that we made it. This was probably my favorite part of the trip so far! 

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