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this is a tropical


I honestly feel like just briefly going over most of the highlights so far and my thoughts. Is this alright? Anyway the departure was an experience, I knew very well that it would be important to get to bed early sadly it was hard to sleep due to my thoughts of excitement. I kind of feel bad for Kevin Lee to be honest. I’m thankful he drove us, but we were not entertaining to him one bit due to all of us getting as much sleep as possible…well almost all of us Tiffany Graham managed to take a picture of all of us sleeping.

I sat next to Ambur Munsell on the flights. Lol she was terrified, it probably did not help much that our first flight was one of those skinnier planes, that jerk more. She gripped my wrist in fear throughout the first flight. As I sat there I thought of my first flight way back in 2006 to Jamaica on a short mission trip. I can’t really recall being as scared of flying as she was but I also don’t have a fear of heights. I do remember thinking about God and how he can see all of us. Yet, amazingly, he can observe every specific and small detail. What an amazing God we have I would think as the soundtrack of “Back to the Future” would play in my head while we flew through the clouds.

Our daily routine mainly consists of us spending time with kids and being a positive role model for them since some of them do not have that. It always breaks my heart when I think about it for too long. Even though I may have spent most of my teenage years here I still feel for the country of Belize. I look over at my team’s faces and actions as they learn of the poverty, abuse, and grief that many belizeans face on an everyday basis. Derek Brown has been a great leader for juniors global. He seems very concerned and wants to know what makes the people of Belize tick. He does his best to prepare us for anything and is very understanding. He’s always asking questions about Belize. Even after his brief visit in december It surprises me how much he learned of Belize It honestly was nearly as much as my rusty memory could recall, I suppose that’s why he’s the Teach. Tiffany Graham on the other hand has gone out of her way to become a belizean. She gets along very well with everybody. She seems determined to learn belizean creole, and I honestly will not be surprised if she speaks it in a presentation for chapel. But I’m getting off track she gets along with nearly everybody and is comfortable no matter what. She also has shown herself to being beneficial in keeping the team’s morale good. Nick Entz probably has been the most unpredictable to me. He seems genuinely interested and curious. He’s always looking around and trying new things and just really soaking it all in. I’m honestly believe he could at least appear comfortable just about anywhere, it’s really impressive. Finally Ambur Munsell, has shown a lot of concern for the people of Belize and is very fascinated with everything she comes across. Its really a gift to me to observe, relearn, and guide, members of my team through our Belizean adventure.

-Robert Barber 🙂