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Many forms of Ministry and walking in Dedication

These past several days have come with several blessings and challenges that need different types of processing, and I am grateful that I have friends in my team to help.  We recently ministered at a camp for refugees and I have to admit I was very nervous and did not have confidence in what God was calling me to right away.  On day one, all of the doubt and nervousness faded away because of what I saw and how Christ was already at work within the people whom we were serving.  Our role was to engage the men in many types of ministry but especially to lead the Bible studies and this was my first time leading.  Although I was worried that I would not know how to lead, I really felt God leading me and we had very meangingful Bible studies because God led the way.  We all were able to learn from each other and it was very fun to watch them experience God’s presence in many ways.  I am grateful for this because I have felt that God has put me in yet another leadership position where he has asked me to pick up the local Bible study at Barclay College for men known as “Iron Sharpening Iron.”  This is my first time announcing it but my heart is in it because I know it is needed and I am honored to lead it and serve others.  I am excited to see how God uses me to lead others.  

Our time of helping at the camp sadly came to an end and I wish that we were able to stay because how they loved each other and had a heart for God, it was very contagious and an amazing experience.  One reason in particular that I wanted to come on this trip and I also believe that God was in agreeable, it was because I had only ever heard negative things about those who in the Islamic faith and I was tired of hearing everyone’s opinions that I did not want to view this religion the way we were taught.  Since I have served with my time to help the many Muslim refugees, my knowledge of Islamic belief has changed for the best.  The people we have been blessed to serve are very nice, outgoing, loving, and curious not unlike the many in America.  I hate stereotypes and the power that they hold that we feed.  Sadly the small five percent of how both cultures go to the extreme define those stereotypes on both sides.  I learned in the past several days as the refugees learned from us, those living in or are from the Middle-East are not bad, but are very good people just as several had known that Americans were bad, our service changed their thinking.  This week we were blessed to see God destroy those barriers within our service and learn from each other.  As we left, many shook our hands and hugged us and I pray that Christ would use them and their hunger for his presence in their service to others.  

Yesterday we left Athens to venture out to see the many ancient cities of the Biblical history.  So far we have seen Thessaloniki, Philipi, and a small village where Lidia served.  To see these many places that once and still do have an enormous impact on the world and Christianity is so powerful to experience.  To walk where the Apostle Paul walked and to see the many sights where he had ministered, it is very encouraging.  Tomorrow we will be exploring Thessaloniki even more and later this week we will visit Corinth and see what God has done and what he is still doing there.  I am so very thankful that God has brought me on this trip and how it is enhancing my faith and my walk with Christ even more, although in these powerful moments I have been stumbling sometimes in worth within the team and what God is asking me to learn and take away from this trip even more than I already have.  Many feelings from my past before coming to Christ have made their way back into my life and I know that it is the enemy trying to hinder me and I am thankful that I have a team that cares about me and these issues that I have to work through.  God has helped me grow so much in my time at Barclay and he is helping me even more now, but this walk is not meant for me to do alone and I think that is where he wants me to focus.  Blessed are those who accept God’s love.  

Thank you so much everyone who has been praying for me and our team, it has been a lifechanging experience and it cannot be undersold.  I am very excited to see how God uses these moments here in Greece for my service later in life.  I am so happy that I can rest in the Lord and when we get back rest will be surely needed but God gives us what this world cant, and that is faith, love, and perseverance.  “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”  – Phillipians 4:13 

God is working through us even when we dont see it, dont latch on to your former self and do not let your fears come to life, I believe fear comes when we do not focus on God’s presence and we feed our own fears which is what the Devil wants.  Take it from me and what I have been dealing with this past week, that the pain in the past can forever haunt your future if you latch onto it.  It is a doomed life that God does not want for us and if we seek him the pains of the past will lose their power over us and that is when God showed us our potential and it is wonderful feeling to be free of the pain of this world.  “Have I not commanded you?  Be strong and courageous, do not be afraid and do not be discouraged; for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” – Joshua 1:9

We decide what drives us, or we can decide to trust who wants to lead us to greatness. . . 
                                                                                                        -George Jackson-


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Where Struggle and Blessing Meet

It’s hard to believe over two weeks have already past. It feels like only yesterday we were getting off the plane, wishing we were in bed, but now we are less than a week from leaving and heading home. I have this strange feeling that our time here has been incredible incomplete. Like there is so much more to be done, and yet we won’t see it. But looking back, I suppose we just need to be grateful for the time we have. Over the past two weeks, I have been challenged in ways I never would have suspected and blessed in ways I never could have imagined. And I have been blessed beyond belief this week. But I find that the greatest blessing I have found came from the place where struggle and blessing meet. And this week, I was blessed enough to witness just a glimpse of that place, and my heart was deeply touched.

This past week we’ve been working at a little camp that this past week was hosting a refugee family camp. The camp mostly consisted of refugee families that had come to know the Lord, but that was not everyone. While he wasn’t the only one who came alone, one man(who we’ll call “R” for the sake of confidentiality) had been alone for much longer. Unlike everyone else R was not a Christian. For thirty-eight years he had no one he could call family. For thirty-eight years hate filled his heart. For thirty-eight years he had not heard the sound of laughter and joy coming from a child. For thirty-eight years he had no hope, love, or happiness. He had only recent arrived in Athens and had no where to go, and yet somehow and someway, R was brought to this camp, and for the first time in thirty-eight years he felt love and joy in his heart. For the first time in thirty-eight he felt like he had a family. For the first time, he had hope. For the first time, R had Jesus. Or maybe Jesus had him. R didn’t know Jesus when he came to camp, but worked relentlessly in his heart over the course of those five days and I believe in all my heart that he has left knowing Him a little better and that God is only beginning to work in R’s life.

So what do we say then? How do we process so much brokenness and so much grace? I’m not sure we can, at least I can’t. My words are too weak, too feeble, to even begin to approach the vastness of those things. People may even be able to write books upon books and fail to capture the hurt and joy that comes from life and from knowing Christ. I know this: we are all of us broken and worn. We are in desperate need of Christ. And this past week I have met people who have found that hope for the first time, the same hope I’ve taken for granted for so many years, and to see them all finding fullness in Christ when everything in their lives has fallen to pieces, gives my heart much joy. I think I will remember many things from this trip, but what I think I will remember most is people like R. People who are so hurt and broken and yet are overflowing with the joy that comes from knowing Jesus Christ as their savior. It is a joy that stands above all understanding and that warms the hearts of all who come into contact with it.


Philippians 4:6-7

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Last Week(Or A Lesson in What it Means to Serve) 

Last week I was discouraged. Sometimes it’s hard to tell with me. Being fun and entergetic is something I genuinely enjoy being, but sometimes the story of the heart is different than the one we present to others. When we first got here I was full of such enthusiasm. I was tired yes, but the feeling of being in a new country along with the knowledge that we were here to present the Gospel and serve the Islamic refugees filled my heart with such excitement that I could barely contain myself. And it has been everything I expected, and yet it hasn’t and as last week began, I couldn’t help but feel discouraged.

You see, I am haunted by this feeling: That I’m not doing enough. That I can do little in the time we’ve been given. That when we get home, I will still just be me. That in my desperation to have life changing experiences, I will miss the ones right in front of me. That I am only chasing after the next spiritual high. That I will never be satisfied. That my time here is little more than a glorified vacation. That when it comes down to it, I care much more about what I can get out of this trip than I care about how Christ is working in the lives of  those we are serving. That I will be unable to overcome my own inadequacies to make a difference to much of anyone. That I am far too self concerned to make a difference for Christ. And, maybe worst of all, that dispite being aware of all my imperfections and doubts, that I will be unable to truly change. That I will live through the rest of my life always being aware of how much room I have for improvement, but be helpless to do anything. That in the end, I will never be a true follower of Jesus.

“I came to America, to convert the Indians; but oh! Who shall convert me? Who, what is he that will deliver me from this evil heart of mischief?”- John Wesley

I came to Greece to serve the Muslim refugees. And I have done that. I’ve helped prepare and serve meals. I’ve talked with a few of the refugees. I’ve spent some time trying to learn a little bit of their language, Persian(Farsi). I even spent last Wednesday at the beach with one of the refugees. But how can these little things share Christ? These little things are nice, but what am I doing really? What difference am I really making? In many ways, I was ashamed I felt that way at all.

But that was last week. And last week God was teaching me much about what it means to serve Him and not myself. I wasn’t listening at first, but God is patient and I think I am starting to understand. My time here in Greece is short, but that doesn’t mean Christ will not use the time we spend here in vain. I may never proclaim with my own words the Gospel. But I can share the love of Christ by showing these refugees that they have meaning and worth. They who have been forced out of their own homes and who have been told that no one wants them, I can listen to them and their stories. I can serve them food. I can play a game of chess with them or spend a day at the beach with them. I can pray for them. And while I may not be the one who leads them to Christ, seeds may be planted. Seeds that may be watered by others at Helping Hands. Seeds that may one day may grow into a life with Christ and filled with Him. My mind was so focused on how I thought I needed to serve Christ that I was misses the opportunities sitting right in front of me. By the grace of God, I think I can see them a little more clearly now.

As we go into this week I am excited for what God will do. I know not what opportunities God will present me in the remainder of our time here. I only hope and pray that I will be attentive to His calling and His will. That I will not be too quick to overlooking even the smallest opportunity to share the love of Christ in word or in deed.

In Christ,


1 Corinthians 3:4-9


First Day(aka. Jet-lag Blues)

We arrived in Athens, Greece yesterday morning dead tired. None of us had truly gotten a good nights sleep since Tuesday and none of us slept all that well on the nine-plus hours of flying that we did on the way over here. And then there’s the jet-lag…. There was one point, for myself at least where I couldn’t tell you accurately if I was awake or dreaming. Now normally a person would waste no time in getting to the place their staying and getting in a well earned and much desired nap before trying to attempt anything. And it almost began like that. We did spend some time at the place we are staying. It is a wonderful little place owned by Kallie and Jim, and wonderful elderly couple whose heart for Christ is worn on their sleeves. We however did not stay long. Not even long enough for a short nap. Against everything screaming inside of us telling us to sleep, we went over to the ministry center to get a feel for the place and to begin to form relationships with the refugees who were there. At the time there was no place I’d rather be than in my bed, but in hindsight I could not be more pleased that we went.

It all started with a question. When we arrived at the ministry center, we were greeted warmly and show around the facility. Afterwards, in spite of our yawns and drooping eyes, we went to interact with the refugees who were there. Honestly, I didn’t even know where to begin, I was tired, I’ve never been one to start up conversations with people I don’t even know, and we don’t even speak the same language. What could I possibly do? There, sitting at one of the tables, was a man. Not knowing how to strike up a conversation with the guy, I invited him to play a game of chess with me, to which he declined but return the invitation with a question of his own: “Where are you from?” I answered and from there a conversation was born. Most of it was him talking(in a mix of broken English and his own language) and me listening to him talk about his home, his problems, his concerns, his jokes, and of other things which I couldn’t decipher. And all throughout our conversation all the weariness and exhaustion I felt melted away. I may not have been able to do much, but I could listen to this man. I could hear his story and by the grace of God I was able to listen and be blessed by conversation with him. I never caught his name, but I look forward to seeing and listening to him again.

It is a strange thing to think that God has called us here to serve Him. I can’t help but have a feeling that I am totally unprepared and unqualified to make any difference here for anyone. But I know that God’s ministry does not depend on me or my qualifications. God does not need the guy with the most experience or the best of the best. God looks for those who are obedient to His will, and makes them qualified. I only pray that I can be obedient to Him.


1 Corinthians 1:30-31