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My Heart is Full

Man, each day here has made me want to stay all the more in Asia. So much in short amount of time. I can’t believe I am heading home Sunday already, it surely has gone too fast.


The other day we visited the Killing Fields and S-21 in Phenom Penh. Such tragic events took place in both locations, words are not enough to even begin to explain the heartache that took place. The killing that took place is 7x’s more deadly than 9/11. Let that soak just for a moment, can you imagine it? If you have time, research some testimonials from the S-21. There are only 2 of the 14 survivors left alive now. Just a small sample of what went on in Cambodia, the Khmer Rouge took over Cambodia and started a genocide of it’s own people. Even tourists, educators, ministers, monks, their own soilders, everyone was a target and sent to prisions where they were tortured and later killed.  Being a college student, would have made me a target, even wearing glasses did. Meaning, I would be one sent to S-21.


Saw the last of the homes today, and my heart was saddened, but filled with joy seeing the kids. They were smiling, enjoying life, much like my last post, you know they are much happier and filled with God’s love.

Heading home in short two days and I feel as if there needs to be more time had here. I’ve always had a heart for Asia, being here has made that greater. As it is hard to be still, I am reminded of the words from Psalm 46, “Be still, and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!”

The Lord has surely done amazing things in their lives, and my soul is full knowing He will continue to do more.


In Christ




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Such Joy

Being here for almost 2 weeks, there have been many, so many sights. One could say that I haven’t seen enough; and they would be correct. There isn’t enough time to really see everything, example I know I haven’t seen everything back home in the States and I lived there my whole life.


The sights I want to talk about is the things I’ve taken notice from the kids here. The past few have touched my heart in many ways, granted all of them have, but the past three the most thus far. Though we’ve done the same things for each, just something more came out of it for me at least. As I been hearing some background stories for each kid, my heart has been shattering. But looking at them now, you wouldn’t begin to tell what they have seen and lived through.


These kids have faced their own special kind of Hell that no child, or teen, should ever experience anywhere in the world. But interacting with them and you will find just utter pure, unadulterated, joy flowing from their hearts, their little giggles, and look them in the eyes and you will find hope overflowing. Today two took a liking to me, where ever I sat so did they. One was talking to me in their language and couldn’t help but keep laughing as they knew I had no idea what they said; but it still worked we had fun. Then seeing these kids eat, man could they eat. It isn’t everyday where they can eat a buffett style lunch till they are full, but now they can thanks to the ministry that takes care of them. Most of them had to find food, or never got enough, but knowing they can in these families makes me joyous! Their joy is extremely addictive!


If you say there is no God, come see these kids and explain to me how in the world they have so much hope in the world around them; and it isn’t because the homes took them in, because anyone can take care of a child to give them love, shelter and food. No, this, this here is different, ya know? Seeing them, you see something more, something that words cannot express. You can just tell there has surely got to be a God who is good, and just. The sovereignty of God and his love is lavished on such ways that it is remarkably, and unmistakably present here.


In Christ,


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Break My Heart for What Breaks Yours

My heart is heavy, seeing first hand of a  child being used right in front of my eyes. A small girl stood next to us we finish eating dinner. One gives her some money and as she goes to leave the resturant she hands off the money to an older man. I thought Pattaya’s Walking Street shattered my heart but as I, more and more, becoming aware, when you pray for the Lord to break your heart so your eyes can be further opened he is sure to be faithful. I say this because just before the small girl we took notice to the waiting staff was all younger teens. It was then I was praying for God to break my heart more.

The more I’m here, the more I feel my heart being tugged for the people. I’ve always loved Asia, and its people, and I also very much have a call to the world. So, it is hard for me to begin to discern where God wants me to start in the world.

This verse;

“When he saw the crowds, he had compassion on them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd. Then he said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.  Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.”

Matthew 9:36‭-‬38 NIV

And this one;

“When Jesus heard what had happened, he withdrew by boat privately to a solitary place. Hearing of this, the crowds followed him on foot from the towns. When Jesus landed and saw a large crowd, he had compassion on them and healed their sick.  

Matthew 14:13‭-‬14 NIV

As well as many others. Each show Christ having compassion on people, the masses. These have been resonating in my heart for quite some time, and being here it breaks in compassion for these people. The world is a shattered place, and broken people fill its land. Broken people are who God chosen to be apart of his plan, not perfect, not those who “have it all together”, not those who are well off, but the world and its people. Being here shown me even more so what I need to do, and the need that is present.

Looking around the cities we been to, I’ve seen many who sent their children to work at a restraunt, or any place to provide, but I’ve also regonized that there have been those who been taken away from their families and sold into different areas of work. I recently found out that because Myanmar is no longer fully military controlled, more and more of those who sell children are being sent to jail. Before, it was kept in the downlow, but now things are coming to the light.

Only a few more places remain, and it is difficult to remain still. But a song by Colton Dixon keeps looking in my head, and I suggest looking it up, called Breath. My prayer is that God will continue to break my heart for what breaks his, and that he will radically change and use me, the way he desires.

In Christ,


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It’s the Little Things

So many brand new sights and things in Asia, the sensory overload is defiantly there. My time here has been one of my many dreams come true and I am truly blessed too. This post will be rather short, and little, but for me it is really the little things that matter most. If you know me, you know what a feather means to me. To “be still” and focus on what the Lord has in store, and to meditate on what he is trying to say to me in this time. Well, I haven’t found any, but butterflies have recently been another thing that has shown the same. In church, Sunday, they had us say something, anything. I mentioned I’ve taken notice to how even the birds, as different as they are here from the USA, sing just as beautifully as back home. The flowers are in such amazing design, the butterflies flutter the same, everything is practically the same, just a little different in shapes, colors etc. The same sun I see home, is also here in Asia. How great is that?! God has surely made beautiful things. Sometimes we look at the big picture God has painted, and great it is! But, there is smaller, much more fine, detail that is etched in the picture. If you look close enough you will surely see how much more detailed the overall is.


I found this lizard the other day, but every time I got near it, it skittered away quickly. Took forever trying to find it, because each time I found it, it ran away. Eventually, though, I took notice of, “Well maybe if I just sit still for a while, it will make itself known again.” Sure enough, it did. So, I went up to it slowly, and got close enough for a picture, (Sweet!) Then, I noticed how it was shaped, the details of it skin, even saw its belly. Amazingly I could see it’s little heart beating. (Possibly from how scared it was seeing me near it.)


The tiniest details show how big the picture really is. But again, I mean, The Master Artist made such a masterpiece that he put such very fine detail in everything.



In Christ,


Ryan Kucharek