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Jeans! Why the Jeans!?!

Today we had a pretty busy day, which is why I am blogging again in order to give the rest of the team a break. We left the house this morning and went to Gateway, the school we will be helping at. We have to wear jeans while we are there it turns out. Which… is really fun in the heat of course. Silly Americans. Anyway, the four of us were split up and spent time with a different person we will be working with while we are here. I will be working with a teacher, Mrs. Danderson. There wasn’t a lot to do for me today, but it sounds like there are a few specific students that I will be working with in the future, which I am excited about.

Later, after lunch, we went to WaterWalkers, an after school ministry for elementary aged kids, for the second time. The rooms are hot, small, dimly lit, and often over-crowded, the kids who come are mostly from high-risk backgrounds, and the humidity makes you feel like you just got out of the shower… Without the nice clean feeling. But it’s really cool because the kids are excited to be there and seem to love hanging out with each other and the adults who are there. There seems to be a lot of competition and the expected level of disfunction that comes when there is a large group of young kids from such mixed backgrounds, but there is also a level of belonging that I can see in all the kids. They treat the place like somewhere they can be comfortable, safe, and accepted. That is really cool. I like that.

Also, we found a lizard in the bathroom today. We all crowded into the bathroom and watched Amber try and grab it. We took a video. It was really funny. You will have to see the video soon.

Also, also, everyone is bullying me for talking about Cambodia in my last blog. I told them they can write their own blog. So just for that, this is my honorary mention of Cambodia. Cambodia.

Also, also, also, I have about 30 bug bites.

That is all.

~Tiffany Graham

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That Faint Whiff of Sewage

Upon arrival13221568_10154167835959254_704626866824558080_n.jpg to Belize City yesterday, I was greeted by a smell that I had somehow forgotten I  remembered. The air outside of the airplane had the unique flavor that comes from humidity, garbage, and a faint whiff of sewage. We were greeted by the Barber family as we scurried through customs and were quickly hauled off in a van. During the brief drive to the Barber’s house, I looked out the window at the tropical city and was overwhelmed by memories of last year.

Memories of riding around a city surrounded by tuk-tuks while singing silly American songs at the top of our voices. Memories of walking through a dusty street, shadow hopping to hide from the sun. Memories of bartering in a sweaty marketplace over an uncut pineapple.

Memories I love. I couldn’t stop smiling. And nearly couldn’t stop myself from crying.

And it was the smell that did it.

I was so thrown off by how familiar that smell was! How could I feel like I had missed something I had forgotten? Something so unpleasant? Who misses the smell of sewage? What a strange person God has made me.

It’s morning now and we are all beginning to relax into our temporary home. We had a driven tour of some parts of the city last night and will be leaving for a walk around a different part in a little while. I can’t smell anything unusual anymore. Im sure I will catch it in small puffs throughout the rest of our time here, but for now I have adjusted to the scent that lingers in this city. I still keep smiling. I know this place is different from Cambodia. I am finding the differences slowly, and trying to be intentional that I remember them. I want this experience to be new and not be tainted by un-met expectations or an unrealistic mind-set. Or by familiar scents. But there is something about the tropical culture that I think I have fallen in love with.

Maybe it’s just traveling that I love, or maybe it’s just the memories. Or maybe it’s something deeper. Whatever it is, I think… I hope… this is going to be a good trip. Humidity, garbage, and stench in all.

~Tiffany Graham

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Summer: Coming Soon to a School Near You

As the semester is wrapping up and deadlines are looming, I find myself increasingly looking forward to the the beginning of our trip to Belize. It’s only about four weeks away now, which is crazy because I feel like there is still so much left to do. I have been blessed by my family and friends giving once again to support my second trip with Jr’s Global, and have raised nearly $3,000 out of the $3,500 I will need. It’s also strange to think that it was very nearly a year ago that I was sitting in a tuk-tuk, driving through the streets of Phnom-Penh, Cambodia for the first time. Remembering my experience there and the love I found for a new land, only increases my excitement as Belize comes into sight. I have so many hopes for what I will see and learn in Belize. I can’t wait to throw myself into something completely foreign and new. But first, I need the focus and the motivation to make it through the rest of this year. Finishing fundraising, wrapping up classes, completing projects, and the most dreaded of all, getting my Typhoid vaccination. needles… eeeeeehhhh… So here is to praying that I can stick it out for the next month and finish strong. Thank you everyone for all the support, whether that be financial, emotional, or spiritual, I know that I am not alone.

~Tiffany Graham