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Nearing the Finish Line

Sadly enough, this will be my last blog post since next Friday we will be headed back to America. For better or worse, this trip is coming to and end very quickly.

Our team got to lead two English classes today. We were all probably nervous because none of us had attempted to do this with our help. We got to experience a new ministry!

It is amazing that a language we all speak so well can become so difficult when trying to teach it. For example, how do you explain “how”? It presents new issues we never thought of.

To piggy back off of Taylor’s post about the different kinds of ministries, we have been learning that teaching English is a huge blessing to these refugees. They are moving from place to place and leaving their countries with the familiar language. When they move, they can not communicate as well to the locals of the new country. However, English is a second language in many places, so if we can help them become conversational in English, they will be able to do so much with confidence. We can teach them words to know for the supermarket, the doctor, the Metro/bus stations, etc. Our ministry to them is helping them gain a sense of autonomy in a new country.

This idea is what has stuck out to me this whole trip.

In my mind, we were going to spend a lot of time moving boxes, helping serve meals, etc. However, we have taught more English than anything and I actually rather enjoy seeing the refugees be so grateful.

I will be very sad to leave Greece next week after only just meeting these wonderful people. We have all really loved it here and leaving will be sad.

I think I can speak for my entire team when I say, Greece will forever be in our hearts.

Thank you all for supporting us in prayer as we finish up strong!


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A Day in Acropoli!

Hello everyone! Thank you for keeping up with us and reading our blogs!

Today was a good day for the Greece team. We had a day off so we decided to go to the Acropolis again and shop around for souvenirs. It was fun to go around to different shops and see what each one offered. After spending a few hours shopping for ourselves and our loved ones we decided to go to the Acropolis Museum that (lucky enough) happened to be free today! We found it very cool to see so many artifacts from the Acropolis. It was a very large building that allowed us to get another wonderful view of the Acropolis. We spent some time walking around and grabbing some dinner (I had some amazing pasta that I will probably be dreaming about). Then we headed to Mars Hill to watch the sunset over Athens. Unfortunately, it was a little cloudy today, but it was still a beautiful site.

A highlight for me today was when Taylor, Michale and I got to talking with a young lady doing missions work here who also goes to a Bible college. It was nice to sit and chat with her. We find that running into Americans in Greece is quite a breath of fresh air. It is always exciting for us to hear others ways that God is working. Tonight was yet another example of how God works globally. He is not just in small town Kansas. He is also in Greece and all over the world! Sometimes stepping out to get that bigger of God’s plan really sets our mission into perspective.

It is getting harder and harder to leave this place. I know this will be a place forever in my heart. Our next two weeks should be packed full of ministry and fun. I can’t wait!

God bless,


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When the Metro shuts down..

Have you ever finally gotten the hang of something new just to have it switched on you? Well that was Team Greece today.

We take the Metro everywhere and yesterday I said to Taylor that now that we had finally gotten used to it, something would mess us up. And guess what.. the Metro was closed today. We have to take the bus and it was very crowded. Like just when you thought nobody else could fit on the bus..10 more got on. Then 10 more.  (Noah, Taylor and Michale got an extra dose of it today, just ask them.) It’s safe to say we were very uncomfortable.


We also got to see some beautiful parts of Athens and a few of us got to help teach English to some refugees. Tonight we all sat around the dinner table laughing about our day. It was an incredibly humbling day and some how we all made it though.

We had an amazing lunch overlooking some beautiful parts of Athens. It was incredible! There are not words to describe how some of us felt today seeing the sites and appreciating the history.

In the next couple of days you will get to hear more about our ministry work so check back in!

Thank you for keeping us in your prayers!