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Leaping into Corinth



again, sorry for posting on Ryan’s but my email is being sucky. (BTW this is Noah)

so yesterday we got to go and see Corinth. it was Awesome! not only did our in country missionary tell us a ton of new and exciting things about Corinth but was also got to explore the area where we got to walk though gates that were there in biblical times but we also got to walk where Paul did multiple times!

I never thought I would be able to say I have walked where the Apostle Paul walked. it is so amazing to truly get to experience these places and not just see them. We even got to stand where Paul was dragged in front of the Roman Forum.

Today we worked at Helping Hands to prepare, serve, and clean up a meal. there was also a devotional that the refugees could partake in. it was such a blessing and humbling experience to see all of these refugees partake in a meal with such joy on their faces. the refugees here continually show me just how much some on can go through and come out smiling if they truly trust in God with every thing!

I feel so unworthy to help these people. I feel as though they should be showing ad teaching me about what it means to trust. I am so glad that i have been given this opportunity to come here and serve.

As always, please, if you can let my mother know about this post. Tell her I am not dead and doing great here in Athens. Tell her I love her and not to worry. (she is still going tho worry…)


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Taking a walk with Paul

Hello everyone in the world!

Today is going to be a shorter post. We have had a really long weekend but it has been worth it! Today we went to Corinth and went up to the top of the mountain where the temple to Aphrodite the Greek goddess would have been. We climbed all the way up to the top and witnessed a beautiful view! We loved the history behind this site and then walked down the mountain to the city part of Corinth. We also went to a museum that showed us different statues and historical artifacts from that time. The museum is located next to a site that is being uncovered and it has many different buildings that are being slowly pieced back together. We witnessed so much history and biblical significance today that we do not know what to do with it. We were able to see where Paul was most likely dragged in front of superiors of the city to be judged in the Roman forum. I loved how we were able to see how Paul walked through Corinth and saw where Paul went.

I personally learned so much from our trip today. However, one aspect that stood out to me the most was how Paul lives out his faith. He went to to biggest places and talked to the biggest names for that time. The whole time he made sure that he was living passionately for Christ and spreading the gospel. This challenges me to look at my life and see how I am sharing the gospel. Am I letting myself be swayed by fear or am I not living fully for Christ the way I should be? I want to live fully for Christ and today while walking through the old streets of Corinth I was reminded by God how I am called to live.

There are some thoughts about today and a list of what we did! Below are some photos of where we went and I hope you all enjoy them. As always, thank you so much for praying for us!

With love,

Taylor Mabry

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I am doing better…

I can’t believe it has been a week since my last post. It feels like I am in some kind of twilight zone, with time seeming to have flown by, but also feeling like it is time to head back home. A week is up, and it is time to get back to “normal” things, or so I think. It is honestly a feeling that our group has been sharing throughout today.

But back to more interesting things. If you want to know what has been going on this week, I recommend that you read the past few blogs that my teammates. So I will be filling in on what we have done over the past couple of days

Yesterday (Saturday the 19th) our adventures began at about 4:15 AM local time (around 9:15 Eastern time in the United States) heading to Athens airport for a quick flight up to Thessaloniki, which should of had us there by 8:00. However, as life would have had it, our original plane had engine issues (or something like that), and we had to disembark for another plane (which though inconvenient, is much better than realizing issues in the air). However, we eventually overcame those difficulties, as well as other issues with our rental car, and headed out to first stop at Lydia’s Baptistry, the Lydia spoken of in Acts 16. While we cannot be sure, some scholars believe that the spot shown in the picture below marks where Paul and his companions met Lydia and other God Worshipers of Philippi and the surrounding areas. It was pretty surreal! Also, the water was delightfully frigid.  IMG_0069

After spending a few minutes there, all too short for what I would of liked, but pressed for time due to the delays from earlier, we moved on to the archeological site of Philippi. This was incredible. Our guide, Ken Dirrim, provided much historical background to the city. While I will not recall everything here for space (and for lack of writing it all down🙃), two things I would like to emphasize. One is the court (this has a much more proper name, one that I do not recall as of writing this) that is shown in the panorama below, where Paul was dragged before the magistrates after casting out the future-telling demon the servant girl was possessed by in Acts 16. It is always much easier to connect with the scriptures if one has a picture, let alone being able to walk where Paul was.


The other picture is that of the Roman road Via Egnatia. This is the road that Paul would have walked on during his travels in the area. It was during this time that I realized I had fulfilled a life-long desire of mine: to visit biblical sights where heroes of the faith had walked themselves. And here I am fulfilling this dream at 21 years old, not decades down the road. It has me grateful to God for the opportunity.


The last thing I want to talk about is the worship services we attended today, Sunday the 20th (really yesterday here in Greece, but we will pretend that I got to bed at a decent time). In the morning we attended the 2nd Greek Evangelical Church in Athens, which I am told was a church plant from Smyrna mentioned in Revelation. This was our second time attending it, and though the service is done in Greek, there is a translator for the small but consistent group of English speaking missionaries and that come through Greece. It is amazing to experience worship with those speaking a different language. It helps one realize that they apart of the Global church, and I am encourage to have a picture of believers from around the globe. It is definitely will be one of the highlights of my trip. We also attended a Persian church in the evening, which serves the Middle Eastern refugee community here. Again, hearing others praise God in a language different from your own is awe-inspring, and I recommend everyone to experience it at some point.

The hour has grown late, so I am not really sure how else to end this but to say that I am doing well, am feeling much more comfortable with the Greek culture, particularly of crossing the roads (ask my teammates about it!), and blessed by both what God has done in the past week and am looking forward to the week ahead!



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Birthday Blast

Spending your 21st birthday in another country while doing the work of the Lord is an experience you’ll never forget! This morning we went to a coffee shop where we had waffles, quesadillas, smoothies, and coffee. The owner of the coffee shop is painting a mural in the back of wings where we went and took some pictures!

We headed out to see compassion kids 960 and got to sit in a classroom where they have class every Saturday and re teach the kids what they have learned but include how God is apart of everything they learned. It’s really wonderful to see these teachers teach the gospel of God in what the kids are learning!

After we headed to compassion kids 961 where we met some of the founders then were able to eat with all of the kids! Afterwards we went to the courtyard where we showed 267 kids how to play duck duck goose which was too difficult because of how many kids there were! After that we got to watch some of the kids do some traditional dances which was really neat. The boys started a basketball game so Bailee and I decided to play while Karalyn took pictures! It was so much fun, but very physical because there weren’t rules! I am blessed to be able to spend this birthday in another country serving!

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Everyday Cliches

Hello everyone!! Ashley here. 🙂 It has been a whirlwind five days that have been filled with incredible people, insanely good food, and clear evidence of the grace of God. Since this is the first time I have posted, I will try to give you as clear and concise of an update as I possibly can. Our team made it safe and sound after two long days of travel to our destination which is a suburb of Cape Town. We live in a beautiful place where we can eat lunch while looking at mountains and the roaring sea (slight change from Kansas. 🙂 So far, we have met lovely people, like our friend and guide Okuhle (who, because of pronunciation issues we have lovingly nicknamed Kool Aid) and many, many others. It has been a true priviledge to be welcomed into this community of people from all over the globe who are serving as friends of Jesus here in Cape Town. In the five short days that we have been here, we have been to a preschool in a very poor township (where we were all reminded that children are children whereever you go), we have eaten fish and chips on the shore of the Indian Ocean, we have traveled to a township that is fractioned and broken because of Apartheid to encourage and serve those who are already there, and we have worshipped with the YWAM team in at least four different languages (sometimes at once). There are so many lessons that are already becoming apparent, but there is one in particular that I would like to highlight. This one is from before we even left the States. We were having supper at a pizza place in the Dallas airport, and the waitress was incredibly stressed and abrupt. We tried to be patient as we waited hangrily for our food, but there were moments of frustration among the team. However, when she brought us the check and Jared tipped her, she nearly started crying because of our kindness. She then said that she had been there since six o’clock that morning, and it was now nine o’clock that night. It is so easy to forget that kindness truly does matter, and that people are like icebergs-you never know how much of why they do what they do might be hovering unseen below the surface. Since that event, I have been overwhelmed with the extravagant kindness of the people here. We have all been warmly embraced and welcomed simply because we are people, not because we have done anything special. Today, we attended a birthday party for a young man that we literally met today (will explain circumstances in a later post) but we were welcomed in anyway. I am amazed and in awe of the wonders and goodness of our Good Shepherd, and I am excited to continue on this journey with my team. Thank you all for your prayers and support! They are definitely felt. Psalm 46, Ashley

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A Day in Acropoli!

Hello everyone! Thank you for keeping up with us and reading our blogs!

Today was a good day for the Greece team. We had a day off so we decided to go to the Acropolis again and shop around for souvenirs. It was fun to go around to different shops and see what each one offered. After spending a few hours shopping for ourselves and our loved ones we decided to go to the Acropolis Museum that (lucky enough) happened to be free today! We found it very cool to see so many artifacts from the Acropolis. It was a very large building that allowed us to get another wonderful view of the Acropolis. We spent some time walking around and grabbing some dinner (I had some amazing pasta that I will probably be dreaming about). Then we headed to Mars Hill to watch the sunset over Athens. Unfortunately, it was a little cloudy today, but it was still a beautiful site.

A highlight for me today was when Taylor, Michale and I got to talking with a young lady doing missions work here who also goes to a Bible college. It was nice to sit and chat with her. We find that running into Americans in Greece is quite a breath of fresh air. It is always exciting for us to hear others ways that God is working. Tonight was yet another example of how God works globally. He is not just in small town Kansas. He is also in Greece and all over the world! Sometimes stepping out to get that bigger of God’s plan really sets our mission into perspective.

It is getting harder and harder to leave this place. I know this will be a place forever in my heart. Our next two weeks should be packed full of ministry and fun. I can’t wait!

God bless,


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Our Big Fat not-so-Greek Family (and some lessons learned)

Hello everyone!

This is Taylor Mabry. I am so excited to be writing my first blog today. We will have two blogs today due to the internet being bad last night and Michale not being able to post. She just posted a blog called “A blonde, brunette, and a redhead…” if you would like to go read it. 🙂 I was not sure what to write today when the day began. However, I believe that I learned some lessons for today.

To begin the day the group went over to the Helping Hands ministry center and cleaned for them. We were able to clean the floor, wash windows, and a few more things. After helping at the ministry center the guys stayed behind and participated in a mens day for refugees. They had a blast playing in a ping-pong tournament and having fellowship with other men.


Michale cleaning laundry baskets.


Noah cleaning a table (that was really, really, really dirty)


Victorya and I cleaning one of their walls in the washroom.

Sorry no photos of Ethan or Ryan. Ethan was taking the photos and Ryan was MIA 😉 (jk he was doing leader stuff)

As for the women we had to go back to the apartment and hang out until the guys came back. However, we did not do just that. We decided to get some food for tonight and we went to a street market in our neighborhood. We felt very well when we bought fresh fruit and vegetables from the local vendors. I was so excited to have accomplished buying local food in a foreign country! It is something so simple but when one is not familiar with what is around them or the language it can be the little victories that count the most.


*Above is the food that we got form the market.

As for what was learned, today I learned that ministry is more than just the action of serving people in the ministry center. I know that no matter what we do in life as Christians is an act of service to others and ministry as a witness of Christ. However, it was a little hard today to stay behind as the guys went on to have fellowship with the refugee men. As the girls and I stayed home we realized that our ministry and service can also be to our teammates. We are here to serve our fellow teammates as much as we are to here to serve the people in Greece. We were able to hang out at the apartment and to make supper, clean up the apartment, and make sure that food was on the table when they returned. Being on a team is not just about being forced to live together for a few weeks and eating together. It is about how you can become a family for your time here and learn how to best serve each other so that you each have a good missions experience. Ministry is what we do to show the love of Christ to others. No matter who they are or what circumstance they may be in.

Every night we have had “family time”. We talk about what we liked most about the day, what we learned, and what was the hardest part of our day. This has brought us closer together as some of us have had rough days while others were having good days. I believe that the whole team can agree that we are becoming closer and stronger as the days pass and we are learning more about how to serve each other best. When people talk about this trip, they talk about all of the ministry that we will do in this country and for the people here. I think that we can forget that we also have to travel around the world with people that we really, truly, do not know. This provides a great space for us to learn about what it is like to work with other people and live with each other (in a foreign environment no less). Needless to say, we are slowly becoming one big (slightly dysfunctional) happy family. 🙂

I am excited to see how else God moves during this trip, in myself and in the team. That is all that I have for today, we have a day off tomorrow and we will hopefully be writing again soon! We are praying for everyone back home and thank you for your prayers as well!

With love,

Taylor Mabry

(And fam)