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Soo soo close…

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Well the rest of the Greece team and I are exhausted. We have had one huge wild ride on this trip home we are currently sitting at 26 hours in the airport/plane. And we still have 2 more flights, so just over 8 more hours all together. And we were suppose to be home 4 hours ago. Anyways, If you want to hear our crazy airport experience your going to have to ask us in person trying to type it all out here might take me a while.

The last week in Greece went by too quickly. We flew out to Thessaloniki on Wednesday, we were suppose to leave at 6:30 AM, our van didn’t show up so we didn’t make it to the airport on time and missed our first flight, we got on the next one. In other words all the original flights we booked before this trip, we were on none of them. We have had awful luck but just a few more hours! We arrived and went straight to our first tour spot, then we toured around Thessaloniki and looked at a few spot around the hotel since we happened to be right in the middle of several things. The next day we got up and drove almost two hours to Phillipi we toured around a lot a saw several different things. After we got back to Thessaloniki we walked the East wall the was still up and standing tall.

Honestly this trip has been amazing!! Even with all the crazy flight situations. Now I don’t think any of us will fly or anything but we all had pretty good spirits through everything. We are ready to be back in Kansas, but we also already want to be back in Greece!!

– Sarah

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