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Upendo wa Mungu Baba ni wa……….ni wa ajabu”

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My time here in kenya hads been eye opening. This was my first time out of the country. Other than movies (The Lion King spasificaly) I had no exspectations. I have been on mission trips before and thhought I would know somewhat to exspect. When I got here, I quickly found out that everything I thought I knew was wrong. Yes we work on houes and yes we interact with these widows and orphans, but to them it means so much more for them to feed us and just spend time with us. I find this hard to get used to. I was expecting to work and work more then anything. but getting to know these people means so much more. Getting to hug these widows and learning their story.

I also had the oprtunity to teach a short leasson onthe verse John 16:33 with Erik to some kids at Sunday School. This was a fun exsperience.

Even though these people have nothing, they still strive to be happy and want to give us everything they can. What we have done for these people and given them seems so small to us, but to them it means the world. It makes me look at the world different. Things are not the number one thing. Relationships are, and beable to spread the word of God around to everyone we encounter.

“Upendo wa Mungu Baba ni wa……….ni wa ajabu”

“We are saying thank you to our God.”

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